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PostSubject: RULES AND GUIDELINES   Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:20 am

Please take your time to read the entire post, this contains all the guidelines for our community, all members are expected to do their best to comply, failure may result in your forum account being terminated as well as a kick, tban or a pban depending on the issue at hand.

Owner - The owner has the final word on ANY matter considering Jems.
The owner adds new plugins, deletes plugins etc.

Administrator's - The administrators are basically the caretakers and protectors of the server, they conduct large building projects, prevent//repair grief-ed areas//buildings etc. They also remove childish, obnoxious and offensive contents or members, as well as having access to almost every command on the server they help the owner with testing etc.

Moderator's - The mods job is to keep the server clean, look for new recruits and relay information to the higher ranks.
Duties of mods and higher ranking users:
The in game duties are all of these (but not limited to)
(All of these duties are inherited by the superior ranks as well)
1. Enforce all rules.
2. prevent any form of harassment
3. prevent any form of griefing
4. bug testing plugins
5. Helping our members
6. Helping new members get settled, show them around etc.
7. Assisting in big projects by handing out materials (all materiel should be reclaimed and destroyed afterwards)

Vip's - Vip's are essentially members with benefits, more info can be found in the donator section of the forum.

Member - This is fairly self explanatory, jems major population are members, the members have the basic rights described in the rules section.

Guest - Our guests are not yet registered to Swecraft and they can therefore not be released into our world(s) They shall nevertheless be treated with respect and dignity just as anyone else on the server.


Our Rules are as follows:

No Flying allowed with external programs - Only vip's and above are allowed to use this.
No one block houses - these create eyesores for the rest of us
No Speed hacks allowed
No item duplication allowed
No begging for items from other players or staff.
No building on land already retained by another player.
No griefing on our Minecraft server is allowed.
1. Destroying what another member has built
2. Stealing any items owned by another member
3. Destroying or stealing the creations or properties of the server
4. Performing any attacks on the server, including but not limited to ddos attacks, login attacks
5. Hacking or stealing another persons account.
6. Using any exploits on the server is against the rules, this includes things like cloning items, or basically anything else that is considered an exploit
Performing any of the above actions may result in immediate termination of access to our Minecraft play server(s) and or termination of your account on or at the very least 1 week suspension on the first offense, 3 week suspension on the 2nd offense and full ban on the 3rd offense.
Admins and Mods will not spawn items for people in survival mode. Please do Not beg the admins and mods. Trading between players is of course allowed and welcome
Operators are NOT allowed to give or trade or sell any items that they spawn, those items are to be used exclusively by themselves IF we should end up allowing operators to spawn a limited set of items
Any resources that we spawn for members on the server to be used for community buildings must have any remaining resources destroyed by the player and or given back to the GM or Admin when the building has been completed

How does it all work?
[*]Bans, Appeals & You:

If you have been temporarily or permanently banned from either this website or it's Minecraft multiplayer server you have the right to appeal the ban.

Note on Banning members: We do not take banning members lightly and we do not ban members without proper cause. On our Minecraft server every action is logged, and as such it gives us a full arsenal of tools to allow us to examine each situation, we can see where people have been, what actions they have done amongst other things. As such we fully investigate griefing complaints by our members before issuing a ban.
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