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 Jemizen BOSS Commands

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PostSubject: Jemizen BOSS Commands   Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:35 pm

/manpromote <player> <group> Promote a player
/mandemote <player> <group> Demotes
/regios set-welcome <Region> <Message> Set your Welcome in Region
/regios set-leave <Region> <Message> Leave message in Region
/regios show-pvp <Region> <True/False> PvP warning message will be shown
/regios protect-all <Region> Protect Region
/regios unprotect-all <Region> Unprotect Region
/regios prevent-entry <Region> Disallow Entry
/regios allow-entry <Region> Allow Entry
/regios set-monster-spawns <Region> <True/False> Spawn monsters
/regios add-ex <Region> <Player Name> Adds an exception to the Region.
/regios rem-ex <Region> <Player Name> Remove an exception to Region.
/regios list-player-ex <Region> Lists the player in Region
/regios erase-player-ex <Region> Erases all exception from region.
/regios pvp <Region> <True/False> Toggles whether PvP is on/off
/regios health-regen <Region> <Value> Set the Health rate players will experience
per second in a region (Range : -20 - + 20)
/regios for-sale <Region> <True/False> Set whether the Region is for sale or not
/regios set-price <Region> <Price> Sets the price for the Region
/regios list-for-sale
/regios buy <Region> Buy a Region. For more info on Regios commands
/ban /unban
/banip /unbanip
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Jemizen BOSS Commands
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